Early Childhood Orthodontics

Early Childhood Orthodontics

Children Friendly Dentistry

Teeth crowding or crooked teeth in children is one of the major concerns for parents when children’s adult teeth begin to erupt. These can be seen in children as young as 5 years old, where the jaw is not wide enough for the erupting adult teeth to align. The development of narrow jaws have become more common due to symptoms/ailment such as allergies, obesities, or sleep disorders in children. Narrow jaws develop due to poor oral posture of the tongue, lips and cheeks during development. By correcting poor oral postures from an earlier age, we can help children develop wider jaws and a balanced bite, and prevent future dental crowding or crooked teeth.

We do this with arch expansion by using either a plate or wire placed behind the upper teeth. Then in conjunction with the wearing of an MRC trainer and daily exercises, our staff work with the children to correct their oral posture and therefore achieve a well-developed jaw and prevent future dental crowding.

So give us a call and speak to our friendly staff if you want to find out more about this treatment.